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Russians are Banning “South Park” – barbarian pigs!!!

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Ok, Kremlin is banning South Park and Simpsons!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the end! The cold blooded monsters that sit in Moscow have finally shown their true totalitarian face! What a load of ***!

So, why no one complains when “GTA” gets banned in USA and it is OK when “Visions of Ecstasy” gets banned in UK by BBFC, but when Russians decide that crude and often disgusting humor of South Park is too much for kids it is called “Soviet-style indoctrination”.

For full list check out these Wiki links:

Do you know what kind of crap they were showing in Russia in the last 15 years? Loads of dirt, violence, sex and lack of decent movies that would say at LEAST ONE PATRIOTIC THING. If you compare US that has flags hanging in every possible place, that has “patriotic birthday cakes” what indoctrination are we talking about?

In case you are not aware of it, majority of thinking Russians want and ask for reforms from the government to put an end to this pointless flood of stupidity that is coming from TV. And even thought I really like Simpsons the point is not about banning it. The point is about banning the channel which has crude and offensive content. And if you ask people on the street, democratic majority will support it. Now, you may have a different opinion but why should it be the right one? What right does one culture have to impose its values on other cultures?

I see abolutely no value in having this cartoon on TV and even the possibility of kids accidentally watching it makes me worried. I don’t see anything particularly democratic about it. So you have a political point in one of five episodes, the others just being crude and not carrying any value to those watching them.

In fact they truly are quite perverted, violent, american centric and may indeed cause damage to a young mind. And I don’t think the “this is just a joke” stands here. It may be a joke for a person laughing at it, but far too many will take it seriously…

So, going back to the “patriotic indoctrination”. This is a whole other topic, but why don’t anyone realize that some indoctrination or other happens to everyone from the moment they are born. The question to ask is which one is right and which one is wrong. Say in Europe the indoctrination of “equal rights” is so great lately that people are completely incapable of defending their own cultural values in the face of immigrans from muslim countries.

In US everyone is so brainwashed into believing that their country is “the best” that people don’t even bother learning where the rest of the world is.

Of course there are always normal people everywhere. People who would ban teaching of creationim at school and those who would not not accept that having violent video games is a norm. And this is exactly my point. It is normal to cenzor things for kids. What is not natural is for kids at the age of 10 to start using such words as “fuck” in their everyday language, assume that all muslims are terrorists and start believing that there is only dirt in this world. At this point i would like to point you to the other post of mine that discusses this in greater details

But anyway, all this talk about banning “South Park” is just that, talk to warn others that all the dirt that we see on TV has to go. In reality no channel will get closed but some of its worst shows will go. So that’s ok, we are still civilized enough… unfortunatelly.

And here are some more links in regards to South Park controversies:


Written by severyanin

September 25, 2008 at 8:46 am

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  1. With respect, I think you might be missing the point. I have two children, aged 7 and 9, and I don’t allow them to watch South Park, but that should be my decision, not the government’s.

    For the record, I’m American, and I think South Park is trite.

    Anyway, you seem like a pretty intelligent guy, and if you’re not a native speaker of English you should be proud of your language skills. If you’d like to debate this further, send me an email. I enjoy hearing different points of view.


    January 8, 2011 at 6:33 am

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